Our experience is our strength

“The needs of our customers are the priority for us, for this we work with them in constant interaction during all stages of processing”


Our “study office” carries out continuous research for what concerns raw materials, accessories and anything else that can make the product personalized.

Our product was born following a series of wide-ranging studies to ensure a fair balance between aesthetics, quality and price.

We carry out careful and accurate research for the selection of raw materials in order to trace what is most appropriate and in line with the customer’s style and technical needs.

Ideation and Design

In our modeling office, since the birth, the design of the model is followed in a detailed and professional way.

Our team of professionals is not only able to implement the ideas communicated by the customer, but also to contribute to the design by providing perfectly valid alternatives.

The extreme attention to detail, the research, the excellence of the materials and processes, the extreme variety of treatments not only aim at the aesthetic aspect of the finished garment, but primarily serve to give the product comfort and functionality.


Following the creation of the model, the prototype, or “first garment”, is carried out, on which tests and modifications will be carried out so that it is possible to ascertain first-rate characteristics such as wearability, packaging and rendering of the materials.

The needs of our customers are absolutely paramount for us so we work with them in constant interaction during all stages of processing. Particular attention is reserved to the first stages during which new fabrics, treatments, accessories, trends and anything else that can give added value to the product are studied and tested in order to provide our contribution rich in experience.

Sampling and Production

DENIM-INN provides the possibility of making samples and production as well as in Italy also in Albania. The foreign structure develops through a production platform, characterized by manufacturing, laundry and ironing workshops supported by Italian property, technical and managerial staff and by loyal printing and embroidery companies.

The structural merger of the companies operating in the various processing phases has allowed an optimization of the organizational and production chain, ensuring an increase in production capacity, from the current 50,000 to 90,000 items.

Denim - Inn

“Our products guarantee a perfect balance between aesthetics, quality and price.”